Le Mont St Michel

Le Mont St Michel - Distance from Le Manoir du Quesnay : 70 miles/110 km south     Time: 1 hour 30 mins

Mont St Michel dates back to the 10th century and is an Abbey built upon an island. There is also a small town at the foot of the mount. Mont St Michel has undergone may changes throughout its long and colourful past including being used as a coastal defence fort and a prison. Today there are many interesting places to visit and one can also take guided tours across the salt flats which surround the mount at low tide. There are many places to eat and a very pleasant time may be had with breathtaking views across Normandy and Brittany.

Other attractions close to Mont St Michel include:

The Historical City of Avranches and The Avranches Scriptorial

General Patton Memorial

The U.S Military Cemetery at St James

The German Ossuary at Mont De Huisnes

en route : La Foret de Cerisy, Chateau de Balleroy and St Lo.


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