The D-Day Landing Beaches

Operation Overlord - June 6th 1944 - World War II

‘Operation Overlord’ was, and probably always will be, the largest military invasion of all time. On June 6th 1944 approximately 156,000 troops from the Allied nations set foot on French soil in order to open up the ‘Second Front’ with the objective of liberating Europe from the Nazi rule of Germany and putting an end to World War II. 5000 naval vessels and over 8000 aircraft were used on D-Day alone giving some idea of the enormity of the plan. Airborne troops began dropping into Normandy during the night and as dawn broke the seaborne troops began landing on the beaches. The Battle of Normandy began that night and would last for the next 3 months. Normandy has many different sites to visit in connection with this momentous occasion from the beaches to museums and memorials.

Manoir du Quesnay is perfectly situated within easy reach of every location.

Omaha Beach and US Military Cemetery - 6 miles/10 km north - 10 minutes

Link to American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) website

Arromanches and Gold Beach sector - 25 minutes

Utah Beach and Ste-Mère-Église - 30 minutes

Juno Beach - 30 minutes

Sword Beach and Pegasus Bridge - 40 minutes

Normandy has the highest concentration of battlefield memorials in the world, over 1000. There are also more than 30 military cemetery’s and over 40 museums connected with the Battle of Normandy.


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